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Blogging Away

It is interesting that I have always enjoyed writing. And not writing to myself as in a diary but writing for others. Yet here it is January 2005 and only now am I finally starting my first blogs. I have always tried to limit what I write about to topics of significant interest to others. And I have always tried to convey information in as few words as possible. So it will be interesting to see if I can avoid the overwhelming unending stream of consciousness found in many of the blogs out there.

Random Thoughts - blog

Well if it doesn't fit in one of my other blogs, then I jam it in here.

Political Thoughts - blog

Well first off I'm a Democrat. Always have been and probably always will. It sort of goes without saying that my parents were Republicans and my kids probably will be too (you try and try, but what can you do). However, I live in Boulder, Colorado (voted over 50% for Kucinch) so by Boulder standards, I'm pretty conservative. I also read a ton of history which gives me faith in the long-term outlook both for the world and for the United States. And it makes me worry less about individual setbacks.

Programming Thoughts - blog

This is mostly short snippets of code that solve a problem. Or if I learn about something that doesn't work, a short note to that effect. So you won't find any consistent thread. And you won't find anything about general approaches to programming. For more comprehensive posts, those I put on my website here.

Management Thoughts - blog

This is very much focused first, on managing software developers and second, on managing other professionals in a software company. Some of it may be applicable to other industries - but that's up to you. I have no expertise outside of the technology industry.