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The first paragraph is always the hardest to write. I have no idea why you came to my page so I will leave it at a simple welcome to my site.

Programming Notes & Articles

It is an artificial demarcation but the articles I have written are available here. While notes I have made on programming issues that are not published are available here. So if you are looking for something I wrote on a programming topic, please check both pages. You might also want to check my programming blog here as this is where I post quick notes on problems I hit and solved.

Professional Background

I have been developing software and managing software developers for over 20 years. I tend to alternate between pure development and then managing developers. This way I do understand the technology when I am managing. I have managed up to the V.P. level and I have worked as a senior developer.

I also write in my spare time as a hobby. I have managed to write 4 books and numerous magazine articles. Also one screenplay (hasn't every writer?) but it hasn't been picked up.

My Other Sites

eBay Ballot Joke

In 2000 I placed a joke item on eBay - 331 Florida ballots. eBay removed it. But you can view a copy of the last bid here.

A Day of Horror

In the face of the evil visited upon the United States 9/11, here is someone who I think, speaks very well to this.

We'll go forward from this moment.